Ask the Experts: Where do you see email going in the next 5-10 years?



For 2021, Webbula launched a video series where we sit down with email industry experts to discuss various topics within the email marketing world. 

Each month, Webbula introduces a new lineup of email experts with a new topic. Thank you to every email expert who participated in this video series and provided advice to other email marketers. 


Email is the marketing channel of choice. 

Brands need to understand the importance of owned media. Email databases will be even more important. 

We will see greater personalization and greater automation, and this will become standard practice. We will also see the ownership of data moving to the consumer.

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Komal Helyer

VP of Marketing, Pure360

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If your emails don’t move, your emails are dead. If you’re using interactive emails, using data, getting loyalty and reviews, and making the email client more like the web experience, that’s the holy grail. 

Improve workflow, improve dynamic 1-to-1 approach, data and elements to craft a better email.

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Randy Levy

Chief Revenue Officer, Zembula 




It [email] will still be around in 5 years because it’s increasingly important. One of the lessons we learned during the pandemic is how important email is as a channel to maintain communications between brands and customers. 

Everyone has learned the joy of buying online and getting it delivered. We won’t be going back to the way we were shopping before.

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Chris Marriott

President & Founder, Email Connect LLC.

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Email will be more relied upon than ever before by consumers. 

Email has been that go-to channel for consumers for their deals, offers, content. There are other fantastic channels out there; the majority of them use email to drive back to their channel. If they blossom, an email will still be important to that journey. 

What I see is that marketers aren’t fully utilizing the amazing technology at our fingertips. Consumers are pushing marketers to improve because they have their needs and requirements. 

Hopefully, in the next few years, email proves itself and becomes more popular.

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Kath Pay

Founder & CEO Holistic Email Marketing

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With new technology coming in, email isn’t going anywhere. People thought Slack and clubhouse could have been the death of email, but email is just getting stronger.

AI and machine learning will become very central to basic activities for marketers, like segmentation, email deliverability, email content, and more has.

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Tejas Pitkar

Senior Product Evangelist, Netcore Cloud 

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AMP will be something to keep an eye on for email. It can enhance the experience in the inbox if brands widely adopt it in a useful way, not just to sell more products to enhance the experience and journey.

AI for subject lines, content, sending times, and automation has many more legs and growth in the next five years. 

One area that went quiet was voice and how voice might impact email. We might see this grow within the next 5-10 years.

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Jenna Tiffany

Founder & Strategy Director, Let's Talk Strategy

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In the next 5-10 years, there will be a lot of change. The one thing that will be most impactful is the growth of machine learning and AI. 

We are constantly trying to send the right message, at the right time, to the right person, and the right channel, and AI and machine learning can help us with each of those things.

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Chad White

Head of Research, Oracle Marketing Consulting and author of Email Marketing Rules

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Email sticks around because it works. It’s a consistent ROI champion.

Three things to look out for in the next five years:

Technology and Apple news about tracking pixels causes reporting issues.

Consumer engagement and how they [consumers] access email.

New regulations for privacy will impact every digital marketing channel.

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Tom Wozniak

Head of Marketing, OPTIZMO 

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