3 Marketing Automation Strategies for Sustaining Success


An effective marketing automation strategy drives lead generation and the shortest path to purchase. Leveraging the right marketing automation software in your sales and marketing efforts plays a role in: 

  • lead nurturing, 
  • building customer relationships,
  •  increasing sales, 
  • the overall success of your marketing campaigns. 

However, if you’re not getting the great results you hoped for from your email marketing, your data might be to blame. Even if your marketing automation program is humming along, chances are there’s room for improvement. 

Whether you’re launching a new automation program or you need to optimize an existing one, you can enhance your efforts and your ROI with good quality data.

How Poor Data Affects the Performance of Marketing Programs

Poor data includes missing, duplicate, outdated, or inaccurate information. Whatever the issue, bad data has real costs associated with it. Keep in mind that data is constantly changing. Your prospects move, change jobs, have children, retire, take up new interests, and make countless other changes that affect the way you market to them. 

Companies with very successful marketing automation programs clean, verify, and enhance their data regularly. 

Here are a few ways you can get started.

Be Proactive: Clean and Verify Data Before It Enters Your System

Just because an individual hits “Submit” doesn’t mean they’re a valid prospect. In addition to bots, people quite often enter false email addresses on purpose to avoid getting spammed.

Clean and verify your data before it ever enters your list so you don’t have to waste time and resources marketing to invalid prospects. This gatekeeper functionality is available by adding services like Webbula’s Lead Validation API to your web forms to mitigate fraudulent email threats and bounces in real-time. 

Additionally, if you’re setting up a new marketing automation program, you can have your email data cleansed and verified before launch. If you’re worried about losing out too many potential customers, you can opt for a lighter cleanse. Solutions like Webbula’s Email Hygiene offer various customizable levels of list hygiene based on your risk tolerance.

Be Reactive: Spam Traps Don’t Bounce, Trackers can Open Emails, Robots can Click Links

New threats arise daily that in-house cleaning and monitoring can’t possibly identify. 

Did you know spam traps don’t bounce, trackers can open your emails, and robots can click links? 

Additionally, people’s lives and levels of interest change as time goes by. People who were once hot prospects might now be unengaged. 

If they haven’t opened your email in six months or more, it might be time to: 

  1. Run a cleanse to determine if the email addresses are still current, active, safe, and valid.
  2. Remove any identified threats from your list. 
  3. Drop them into an automated program with re-engagement or win back as the goal.

Regularly cleaning your data and enhancing your dataset will help you stay ahead of threats and stay on top of customer and prospect insights.

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Be Smart: Align Customers in Your Funnel with the Right Information

Even if your data is clean and verified, your list might not provide sufficient information to align customers to your funnel. You need more data. 

Maybe your list includes accurate names, emails, addresses, and purchase data but lacks individual-based information like interests, behavior, demographic, financial, and automotive information.

Enhancing your existing data brings new possibilities for sales across devices, as well as the ability to better understand your prospects. Enrich your first-party and zero-party CRM data with high-quality third-party data to help you reach the right user at the right time on the right device.

You’ve invested the time and resources into creating a marketing automation program. Ensure you reach your full ROI potential by fueling the machine with quality data. 

Hygiene and verification are best practices for every marketing automation program. Utilizing double opt-in protocols and routinely managing unengaged users will also improve results. From there, Data Enhancement can fill in the holes and update your list so you can precisely target down to the individual.

Marketing automation’s glory begins with good data. Reach out to Webbula to set up an account on our portal or try our free Email List Health Check to gauge the quality of your marketing lists.

Marketing automation glory begins with good data. Contact Webbula to set up an account on our portal or try our free Email Health Check to gauge the quality of your marketing lists.

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