Ask the Experts: What is the biggest issue you see email marketers face? How do you advise them to fix it?



For 2021, Webbula launched a video series where we sit down with email industry experts to discuss various topics within the email marketing world. 

Each month, Webbula introduces a new lineup of email experts with a new topic. Thank you to every email expert who participated in this video series and provided advice to other email marketers. 


Email Marketers need to find their role. Delegate what they can and can’t do. Email Marketing is more complex. It's not as simple as writing up an email and hitting send.

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Tom Blijleven

Marketer, Flowmailer




Data disparity is found more specifically in a B2B environment. Data is coming in from your website, sales team/CRM, email system and they don’t talk to each other. It makes it challenging to create personalized content or triggered messaging.

Make sure you have data points and sources mapped. Prioritize the connections that need to be made or figure out the workaround to help you get where you need to be.

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Betsy Grondy

Senior Email Marketing Manager, Blackhawk Network




One big issue is getting the budget and resources to invest further. A good way to mitigate this is to ensure you have email marketing objectives and marketing objectives that are firmly aligned to your business objectives.

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Komal Helyer

VP of Marketing, Pure360



In the last 12 months, companies and C-Levels are pushing to use the email channel more. When Covid came, the send volume increased dramatically. Now they are dealing with symptoms that suggest over mailing deliverability issues and more.

Email marketers are dealing with pressure from higher-ups that do things to damage your list as a whole. Email Marketers need to educate the higher-ups and be an advocate for the subscribers.

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Jeanne Jennings

Founder, Email Optimization Shop, GM at Only Influencers, and Chair of Email Innovations Summit



How do you get the user to engage with the email message?  How do you deliver a humanized experience to get the viewer to click on the next step? 

We all want viewers to engage and take that next step. The message might be brand awareness, but it also might be to take that next step. 

Find a way to personalize the experience, add a video to capture attention from step one, and avoid text-heavy messaging.




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Lisa S. Jones

Chief EyeMail Offer, EyeMail. Inc. 




Email is the forgotten child. It's dependable and gives excellent results, but it gets pushed aside because there are other flashy things like social. 

People need to realize email gives those other flashy channels the power. It's the backbone of them. 

Focus on the return on investment you get with email. This will help you get more buy-in and build a bigger team and get more resources.

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Gavin Laugenie

Head of Strategy & Insights, Dotdigital




A problem every backend offer encounters is articulating your value and advocating for your expertise. What often happens when email marketing goes wrong is people who do not have the experience veto or insist you do email marketing a certain way even though you know it won’t work. 

How do you fix this? It’s learning about the professional environment, your ideal audience pain points, and goals. This applies to leadership as well. It’s not about throwing them metrics. Contextualize the data, so they know how it fits into their big picture.

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Emily McGuire

Founder, Flourish & Grit




Last year caused a lot of marketing budget cuts. That made companies explore other technologies, and they may have lost the opportunity to personalize or send more intelligent emails.

Personalization is still not a best practice for a lot of marketers. They’re missing out on creating a real relationships between them and their audience.

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Tejas Pitkar

Senior Product Evangelist, Netcore Cloud




Fight for consumer attention within the inbox and other marketing channels. As consumers, we are bombarded with marketing messages. We can’t escape them and, because of that, we only have so much attention to give.

It's a key challenge for marketers to get messaging right and to fight against other messages in subscribers' inboxes to get opened. Focus on being relevant and deliver valuable messaging.

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Tom Wozniak

Head of Marketing, OPTIZMO



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