What is Email Appending and How It Benefits You



What is Email Appending? 

Define Append: The definition of "append" is to "add as a supplement." Email appending is a marketing practice of using near-real-time validation to verify that an email address is the customer or prospects most current one. Or of filling in a data gap where an email address was previously unknown. Utilizing an email append service is the quickest and most accurate way for digital marketers to add email addresses to their customer data.

Even though email appends have been around for some time now, email marketers are rarely using them. In some cases, email marketers aren’t using them at all.

Why You Need Email Appends:

Email addresses are only valuable if they are correct and your emails messages make it to each inbox successfully. HubSpot states, “email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year.”

There are many reasons why data degrades, including typos, people using fake email addresses during sign-ups, people moving, changing jobs, changing emails, abandoning emails, or passing away.  Plus, businesses need to enhance their customer lists to connect with their audiences and reach them through more channels. Appending email addresses is the most accurate way to add or correct emails within your customer database.

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What Are the Benefits of Email Appending?

Every campaign starts with a customer list. If you’re missing vital contact information—such as emails—in your marketing data, how do you expect to reach your target audience? It’s nearly impossible. 

The success of your email marketing campaigns depends on your list quality, and the best way to ensure accuracy is through an email append service. Regularly appending to enrich your database will allow your brand to reach new customers and retain active, existing customers. It will also help with email deliverability, open rates, and your sender reputation.

With an email append tool, you will also:

Save Money with Highly Segmented Upsell & Cross-sell Campaigns:

Email appends decrease marketing expenses by offering email marketers the information they need in order to compose sophisticated, automated customer retention campaigns. Highly segmented campaigns based on customer interest and actions taken on your site offer you the ability to "solution-sell" through email. Easily upsell and cross-sell via email based on consumer behavior, demographics, credit score, household income, and more.  These automated, personalized campaigns will translate to higher customer retention rates and more dollars in your pocket.

Reduce Waste and Save Time by Eliminating Manual Labor:

Data degrades constantly due to the ebb and flow of the lives of the people within your customer database. You need a solution to aquire customers’ most recent email contact information.

You might have hundreds, or even thousands, of outdated and missing email addresses in your CRM. Identifying and updating them is a near-impossible task for a single individual. Don't waste hours of manpower that could be better spent elsewhere. Data appending services, such as an email append service will increase your mailable list so you can reach more of your audience.

Protect Your IP Sender Reputation with a Clean Email List:

Outdated email addresses are often reclaimed by organizations, such as Project Honey Pot, as spam traps. If you haven't cleaned your list and appended your contacts' email data within the past six months, you could be at risk.

Getting caught in a spam trap or honeypot has serious consequences. 

  1. Your bounce rates will skyrocket. 
  2. Your email deliverability will tank. 
  3. You will get added to a blocklist.

Getting blocklisted often causes irreparable brand damage. Clean and append your list now to avoid the lost sales later.

Improve Email Engagement and Deliverability Rates:

Quality customer data ensures that your email communication makes it to customers' inboxes. Higher deliverability and engagement rates mean increased sales. 

Best Practices for Using Email Appends

Adding emails to customer databases should be done following these email appending best practices. 

Only Append Existing Customer Emails

Appending email addresses to a customer who has previously done business with you is the proper way to use email appending. 

You may also practice appending emails when a prospect has: 

  • Asked for information 
  • Filled out a survey or questionnaire 
  • Participated in a contest 
  • Or requested that you contact them via an offline source, such as at a tradeshow or on a conference call

Research the Right Data Enhancement and Email Append Partner

Choosing the wrong provider can most certainly hurt your results. Before selecting a partner, it's best to confirm that the organizations on your list are experts in opt-in email marketing and privacy policies. If your partner doesn't have a good understanding of global anti-spam laws, then avoid them at all costs. A lawsuit is the last thing your company needs.

Research the Data Match Process Used by Your Top-Choice Data Append Partner

Before choosing a data append provider, get an understanding of their match rate and data append process. Asking the provider to run a test batch to see how many emails they can accurately append to your list is key.

Follow Anti-Spam Laws and Opt-in Rules 

Opt-in rules and anti-spam laws still apply when you’re appending emails. If you send emails to people who did not opt into your emails, you’re bound to run into some serious trouble. Maintaining best practices for opted-in customers gives you a better chance to build relationships and reach your audience. Keep clear and consistent records of when and how your customers opted into your brand communications.

Bonus! Reverse email append involves using an existing email address in CRM database to return other information about that individual, including postal address, and phone numbers. Read more about reverse email appending.

Read our Complete Guide to Data Appends or sign up for an email match test batch on your customer or prospect list today. 


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