Webbula’s 10 Top Email Marketing Blogs of 2021


Before we end the year we wanted to take a moment to look back at the most popular articles on the Webbula blog. Here are our top ten must-reads from 2021.

A special thank you to every guest writer who contributed to our blog this year. We look forward to continuing our “Ask the Expert” series and launching our “Deliverability Series” in 2022. 

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10. Ask the Experts: Email & Google Phasing Out Third-Party Cookies by Jenna Devinney

In this episode of “Ask the Expert” you’ll hear from top experts, Betsy Grondy, Jeanne Jennings, Kath Pay, Dela Quist, and Jenna Tiffany talk about their thoughts on the phased out third-party cookies and what it means for the email marketing industry. 

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9. Email Metrics to Replace Open Rates After the iOS 15 Update by Dela Quist, Alchemy Worx. 

Just one of the many fantastic articles in our 2021 Metrics Series lineup. Dela talks about the effect of the iOS 15 update and what metrics you should be using instead of the open rate. Enjoy the article? Don’t forget to check out the discussion about it with Dela Quist and guest Chris Marriott. 

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8. How Marketers can Capitalize on Email Marketing Personalization by The Webbula Team.

Email marketing personalization has proven to be one of the best ways to increase email engagement among subscribers. According to Monetate, “Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences.” Although Marketers understand the value personalization brings, not enough marketers are utilizing it. This article discusses why we know personalization is important and how to use it in your email marketing strategy successfully. 

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7. How to Leverage Open and Click Reach Rates in Email Marketing by Jeanne Jennings, Email Optimization Shop, Only Influencers. 

Another wonderful article in our 2021 Metrics series written by industry expert Jeanne Jennings. Written before the recent open rate news, this article can still provide valuable insight. Jeanne talks about the benefits of her former favorite metrics, the open and click reach rates.

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6. Ask the Experts: Promotional Tab vs. Primary Tab by Jenna Devinney.

In this episode of “Ask the Expert” you’ll hear from top experts Samantha Iodice, Samar Owais, Kath Pay, Dela Quist, Tejas Pitkar, Jenna Tiffany, and Chad White talk about their thoughts on why email marketers should worry less about landing in the promotional tab.

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5. 2022 Email Marketing Predictions from the Email Experts by Jenna Devinney

New year, fresh start. Jenna asked top experts like Lauren Meyer, Chris Marriott, Tejas Pitkar, Chad White, and others to give their predictions on what email will be like in 2022. 

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4. Ask the Experts: If you could only use two email metrics, which two would you use?

 In this episode of “Ask the Experts” you’ll hear from experts, Samantha Iodice, Andrew Kordek, Randy Levy, Gavin Laugenie, Chris Marriott, Kath Pay, Chad White, and Tom Wozniak as they talk about what email metrics they would use if they only could use two. 

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3. How to Re-Engage Your Audience with Win-Back Emails By Kelly Lamano 

In 2020, about 30% of email marketers named audience segmentation as the top way to improve email engagement. Subscribers want your emails, so it’s up to you and your team to always be courting. When you stop surprising your subscribers and they receive the same message or a less targeted message, they might fall into the shadows of your subscriber list, becoming stagnant.

Creating a win-back email can help remind your subscribers why they signed up in the first place. Kelly Lamano provides a few tips on how to create successful win-back emails.

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2. How Apple’s Goodbye to Tracking Pixels Affects Email Marketing by the Webbula Team

One of the biggest pieces of news we received this year  was from Apple about blocking tracking pixels, IP addresses, and cached images for its Apple Mail email users. It left us wondering what this would mean for the email marketing industry. 

We gathered top email industry experts to discuss their take on the situation. 

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1. Email as a Conversion Tool: 5 Metrics You Should Be Tracking By Tejas Pitkar, Netcore Cloud

The winner, and most popular blog post in our metrics series this year, was written by the fantastic Tejas Pitkar. He dives deep into the 5 email metrics you need to track and measure to determine how much value your email program brings to the table. 

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