Webbula at Home: Adjusting to Our New Workspace


Like many around the world, the Webbula office headquarters in Pittsburgh have been dormant, and we've been completely working from home.

Although the majority of us no longer have to get in the car and drive to the office, we promise that we are still waking up, brushing our teeth, and getting dressed, (it may be sweatpants, and not dress pants)

As we continue to meet our mission and help our customers during this unpredictable time- take a look at our new creative workstations:

Webbula Workspace 1












Vince Cersosimo, CEO 

Although I do miss the social aspect of the office and physically going into work everyday. Having my kids pop their heads in during video chats have been a nice ice breaker. Noise canceling headphones have proven to be a life saver.  Making the best of things and enjoying the extra family time. 


Douglas Egeth, COO

As the rest of the team continues to adapt to their home workspace, I am one of the lucky who is always working diligently at my home office. Your data is a treasure trove of wonder and we help make it better.


Workspace 3

Jenna Devinney, Marketing Specialist 

I miss my giant desktop computer at the office, but two laptops together still get the job done. Oh, and now I know why we don’t have to take your dogs to work day.


workspace 4

David Lewis, VP of Sales

At Webbula, no matter where our 'office' may be, we are obsessed at meeting the needs of our Customers- and there is no greater time than now to do just that. We're all in this together. Let's get it done!


workspace 5

Chuck Davis, CRO

Everything a home office needs, including 24/7 security with a barking alarm that goes off when Amazon or USPS deliver at least 2 times everyday.


Workspace 7

Jeff Martin, Senior Engineer 

The stay-at-home order means I haven't lost my parking spot in over two weeks, I use my green screen more often, and most importantly it's easier for me to work with the Webbula software development team in other time zones. Being "at the office," 24/7 makes it easier to find times that work with everyone.


Workspace 9

Tim Hartley, Business Development Executive

Makeshift WFH office. You can tell who does the decorating around here because it’s put together (aka my wife).


Workspace 10

Steve Wagner, Senior Marketing Manager

Making marketing happen from the kitchen (wife gets the office).


workspace 11

Ian Blyth, Senior Web Developer

My work area in my attic where, if I play the music loud enough, I can just barely hear my kid playing video games downstairs. 


Workspace 12

Shane Tyra, Business Development Executive

My basement bar office. Complete with big screen TV, yinzer memorabilia and a camera shy, 3 y/o Wheatie. 


Workspace 13

Jeremy Fox, CISO

Learning how to adapt to working from home hasn’t been too much of a challenge, I still eat lunch at 11 am, and well pants are optional now. Oh, and I’ve never been on a full tank of gas this long.


Workspace 15

Scott Little, Data Scientist 

Chicago quarantined space station



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