The Trouble With Disposable Domains


Today everyone has an email address, whether it is used for communicating with friends, family, or for business. According to, there is 4.6 billion email address in the world today, and 2.7 billion email users worldwide. That is a lot of emails, which can make you think - are all of those emails actually real?

Every time you turn around it seems someone needs your email address. Every app you sign up for, every purchase at a retailer, almost everything you do online requires an email. Even filling out a job application can require you to give you an email on the contact form. So many emails eventually means getting sales messages, spam, and a full inbox. In a perfect world, we would all love to get bye with just one email, but receiving dozens of sales emails per day is something most people try to avoid. Which is one reason disposable domains were created in the first place?

But what are disposable domains?  And how do they impact email marketing?

What are Disposable Domains

Disposable Domains are emails associated with disposable, temporary domains. These are the 5, 7, 10-minute emails and even ones that can last longer that WILL deliver, then explode. So why would you want to have these in your email lists? If you’re still not understanding let’s look at an example.

It is important to understand that there are two types of disposable domains:

  1. Shared emails that live forever that the entire public can access. There is no password required. This is a huge security risk, as these emails can be shared with millions of individuals if you think about how many people put in "" These are pointless emails from a marketing perspective and a waste of resources if you send to them.
  2. Dedicated timed accounts - Dedicated to an individual for a specific amount of time.

Disposable domains are emails that are set to die over time that WILL PASS verification, but Email Hygiene is able to identify them. You may be asking yourself how Email Hygiene can detect disposable domains? Well, hygiene can detect it through a known suppression model and through active scanning. Saving you valuable marketing resources and potential problems, but more on that later.

Why Disposable Domains

Why are these disposable domains created? Why would these be made and how did they end up on my list? Trust misalignments are the primary reason for Disposable Domains. The viewer or consumer does not trust the brand to handle their email address with the proper care. Whether that be selling the email, not respecting opt-outs, or sending too much mail.

How are they Harmful to your Email Campaigns

Doesn’t the term “Disposable Domain” just sound malicious? Well, it is in many ways, because a  temporary email address brings in all types of fraud, and can also hurt your sender reputation. Disposable Domains could just be opened for a limited time or could be visible and opened by the entire internet. Really screwing up metrics. If you don’t remove these emails after a certain period of time, you will start receiving hard bounces, which will ultimately hurt your sender score.

How can Webbula eliminate Disposable Domains?

Webbula can help identify Disposable Domains and all the other hidden email threats in your email data with the industry-leading solution emailHygiene.

At Webbula we are passionate about our truth in data. We don’t believe that standard validation, verification, or bounce checks are enough to be a safe marketer in today’s environment. It is time to go beyond verification and that is why we built Webbula emailHygiene. A combination of verification, email hygiene, and social media authentication. Built on over 30+ customizable filters - including several exclusive partnerships that are available nowhere else in the industry, Webbula is as close to data perfection as we can get it. Our emailHygiene is constantly being tested, challenged, and improved. We are working to stay one step ahead as the world is constantly changing, and new data is being formed daily.

So who would you need emailHygiene? Everyone that sends emails to potential customers, or subscribers through email, needs it to help detect the hidden threats in your email data. Webbula has worked with Email Marketing Agencies, National Bowling Associations, Healthcare Providers, Fortune 500 Corporations, locally owned business, and much more. No matter if you’re mailing 3,000 or 50,000,000 emails you should turn to emailHygiene before you hit the send button. It’s easy to use, and is quicker than you can say the word emailHygiene.

Learn more about the power of Webbula emailHygiene.


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