Introducing the 2022 Email Deliverability Blog Series Lineup


Hello, Email Geeks!

In 2021, we introduced the Metrics Series where top experts such as Jeanne Jennings, Tejas Pitkar, Chris Marriott, Dela Quist, and others wrote about a metric they are passionate about and participated in a discussion with another expert and myself, Jenna Devinney, Content Marketing Manager here at Webbula. 

Thank you to all who participated and made the series such a success! Because of this, Webbula is excited to introduce our new series launching in 2022! 

Drum roll, please…

You guessed it. Email Deliverability!

We have a variety of esteemed deliverability experts from the email industry ready to discuss topics like IP warming, blocklists, message content, subject lines, and much more! 

We are excited to kick off the series with Elizabeth Jacobi from MochaBear Marketing. She will be discussing subscribers and the role they play in email deliverability.  

Check out the 2022 Deliverability Series Lineup!


  • Matthew Vernhout, Netcore Cloud 
  • Yanna-Torry Aspraki, Email Consul
  • Lauren Meyer, Socketlabs
  • Amanda Jackson, Iterable
  • Dela Quist, Alchemy Worx
  • Melissa McGaughey, Webbula
  • Mathias Ullrich, dotdigital
  • L.B. Blair, Platonic Ideal
  • Melissa Lambert, ConvertKit, Co-host of Deliverability Defined Podcast
  • Sella Yoffe, Data Media
  • Sergey Syerkin, EmailConsul


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