Reward our Healthcare Professionals with Webbula Data


Healthcare professionals

In these unprecedented times, reaching healthcare professionals is in very high demand. Brands want to offer exclusive deals, discounts, coupons, and other ways to show their thanks and appreciation. 

Webbula’s Audience Data Solution can give your brand the edge to target those healthcare professionals you care about based on their self-identified, deterministic and individually-linked data. 

What is our Data Collection Methodology?

Webbula aggregates data from over 100+ offline sources of surveys, questionnaires, and publisher transactions. Before bringing the data into our production, we  assure the highest level of data quality by processing the linkage data through our Multi-Method Fraud and Bot platform which protects your campaigns from wasted dollars.

 Webbula’s linkages are re-synced daily for devices and the signals are updated on daily, monthly, and quarterly cycles. 

What are the benefits of using Webbula data to target Healthcare Professionals?

  1. Webbula offers the highest level of accuracy, as our data is cleansed through our industry leading hygiene tool prior to availability. 
  2. All of our data is self-reported which allows you to make selections confidently knowing they’re from deterministic and individually linked sources. 
  3. Our Audience Data Solution can give you access to 87% of the U.S. Population by integrating our DataVault™ into your own environment. 

Transparency and data quality are the core foundation upon which Webbula was built and why hundreds of companies seeking productive ad spending have looked towards Webbula’s audience data for over 10 years. 

Healthcare Professionals

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