Reach your Fitness Audience with Enhanced Member Data Using Email Hygiene and Data Enhancement in 2023



Attention fitness brands, gym owners, and personal trainers đź“Ł the busiest time of year is coming up! Those New Year Resolution people are ready to tackle the gym and get fit for the upcoming year. 

Are you ready for them?

Email newsletters and campaigns are a great way to build relationships with members, improve conversion rates, and generate new leads for your brand or fitness studio.

Reach your new members through: 

  • As a fitness brand, create a newsletter subscription for new products, coupons and discounts. You will be able to keep your customers updated on all of the latest news and deals from your company.
  • As a fitness instructor, create a newsletter subscription with weekly/ monthly recipes and nutrition tips to help your subscribers stay on track.
  • As a gym, you can promote different membership packages to appeal to a wider range of customers.
  • Engage subscribers with workout challenges and new exercises each day.
  • Share customer testimonials and progress pictures.
  • Send out surveys to understand what customers want from your brand.
  • Send motivational content from fitness influencers and members of your own audience to your subscribers 

If you want your fitness email marketing campaign to be successful in 2023 and later, you should regularly update your strategies according to current industry trends as well as your campaign results. Additionally, you want to make sure that the data quality of your contact lists is high.

Why is data quality important for the fitness industry?

The fitness industry, like any other businesses or organizations, is greatly affected by data quality. Data helps with marketing efforts, creating personalized experiences, and overall profitability. However, many gyms and personal trainers suffer from incomplete or inaccurate information in their databases.




According to, 67% of gym memberships go unused. 

When you hear this, you might be thinking that it's good for gyms since they are making money from people who don't even go. And while that may be true, it is static and unreliable income. There are still opportunities to re engage with these customers and upsell that these establishments are missing out..

  • According to IHRSA, the average length of membership is 4.9 years, with 51% being a member at their club for two to five years. Members aged 65 years and above-plus age group averaged 7.3 years membership, while the 18-24 age group averaged just 2.7 years.
  • Roughly two-thirds (67.3%) of Americans engage in fitness-related activities. This means there are more available people out there waiting for the right workout and the right offer.

If the average membership is 4.9 years, with 51% being a member at their club for two or five years, how much of those memberships could you get more revenue out of? If your gym members are signed up for your newsletter: 

  • Offer discounts to classes 
  • Discounts on workout gear
  • Introduce new membership packages to upgrade memberships 
  • Entice members to bring more people to the gym
  • Ask for testimonials and progress photos
  • Send out workout video trainings 

But what happens if you don’t have accurate data on these subscribers, all of the opportunities above to produce revenue could be affected. If the span of a gym membership is 4.5 years think about this:

  • How often are people signing up with an email and abandoning it for another? 
  • Are subscribers not interacting with your emails at all?
  • Do subscribers only interact with certain types of emails? Promotions? 
  • Did members sign up with fake emails just to get that discount on the membership or fitness products?
  • Are memberships and subscribers signing up online through your webforms? 
  • How much do you think their lives have changed, from family size to location even down to names?

The Benefits of a clean email list for the fitness industry 

After toiling for years to build your brand's subscribers or gym membership, you campaign to them but find little ROI. Having a clean email list comes with many benefits if you're in the fitness industry, such as:

  • Reduced Bounces

When you begin to send to updated email addresses, your emails won’t see nearly as many bounces, taking you out of the spam folder, right to the top of the inbox.

  • Improve Engagement 

When you use an email cleansing tool, like email hygiene, to clean your email list, you will see better campaign engagement because the detritus has been removed. Once those are removed, you can get a more accurate picture of what parts of your emails folks are interacting with. 

  • Your email deliverability and sender will be in good shape

Your sender reputation score is the internet service provider's way of measuring how your messages are being received by subscribers. One factor in determining sender reputation is email deliverability, which takes into account bounces, spam traps, complaints, and even subscriber engagement. 

When you utilize a service such as Webbula, you can more accurately determine what email addresses are dangerous and remove them accordingly.  With dangerous email addresses—like disposable domains, spam traps, and honeypots—removed, you’ll open up your conversion rate to skyrocket.

  • You’ll be able to target the right audiences 

With a clean list,you can better segment your audience and  focus on what each group of subscribers is interested in. This way, you're not bombarding everyone with the same information when it’s only pertinent to a select few. For example, some people may be interested in purchasing equipment while others might want to know about new member deals.

  • Save time and money by not sending to old, outdated, invalid email addresses

Email service providers (ESPs) usually charge based on the number of contacts in your list. If 30% of your email list is Reputation, Fraud, Delivery, Conversion, or Beta threats, then you can remove those email addresses to lower the amount you're paying monthly for your ESP subscription.

  • Protect your online sign-up forms with a real-time email verification solution to protect your database from invalid and mistyped email addresses. 

Use a cleansing service that works in cohesion with your CRM, email service provider, or lead capture forms to ensure that only qualified leads are going into your system. By doing this, you can avoid any potential downstream problems and have faith in the leads you're bringing in.

 Webbula's real-time email cleansing API is designed to quickly and efficiently determine if the submitted email address is valid. This will help decrease the amount of fraudulent or inaccurate data being submitted via your forms, protect your deliverability and sender reputation, and improve your campaign ROI. Creating a better experience for your customers starts with gathering accurate information from the get-go!

  • Increase revenue from missed opportunities

By ensuring your emails have better deliverability and engagement, you will ultimately increase conversions per email. Not to mention, you'll also save money by avoiding sending irrelevant emails to people who will never convert. Everyone benefits from this improved return on investment for each email campaign!

Why the fitness industry needs a data append solution to increase revenue in 2023

While a newly cleaned email list will help protect you from threats, you probably don’t have all the data needed to properly segment and target your subscribers. Luckily, you can better understand your customer base and create more targeted content by appending data such as first and last name from an email address.

With a data append solution, you can take an email address and add demographic, geographic, and even personal interest information to create more defined segments for your subscribers. For example, if you have a yoga studio, you could use data append to find out which of your subscribers are interested in yoga and live near one of your locations. This would allow you to send them tailored offers or promotions.

 Here are a few benefits of an email appending service for the fitness industry:

1. Target Specific Audiences 

Added data is essential for organizations so that they can confidently target their customers and provide them with personalized experiences.

2. Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Your customers and/or members should always be your top priority. If you're not collecting the right data on them, then your business will start to decline. Customers are more likely to trust a brand that sends messaging tailored to their interests and experiences.

3. Build a High-Quality Database

When your data is jumbled, it's difficult to decipher and use correctly. This then leads to precious time wasted as well as money down the drain. By investing in data enhancement software, you can builda dependable wealth of data to utilize in future campaigns and marketing strategies!

4. Save Money & Reduce Waste

When you verify and update your data before launching new marketing efforts, it saves you the time, money, and stress of fixing it after launch. You won't have to fix inaccurate information, as it’s already done, giving you time to focus on your content and results.

5. Increased Profitability

With enhanced data, marketers can expand their reach into additional channels, such as SMS and ABM campaigns. That extended reach  can lead to more engagement and subsequently, more sales.

Fitness instructors, Retail Fitness Brands, and Gyms don’t wait until the last minute to clean your email lists for the new year!

Start increasing engagement, driving conversions, and reaping a greater return on investment from your email campaigns.

Let us get you started with a free email list hygiene test today.

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