How to Improve Customer Data Intelligence in Sports and Entertainment Industries


Sports and Entertainment Industry

Two years ago, the sports and entertainment industry had to scramble due to canceled shows and events. At the time, it was hard to determine when fans could get back to their seats to cheer on their favorite performers and teams. 

This chaotic time should have served as a wake-up call to many in the industry about keeping up with contact database health and email deliverability. 

If it didn’t, now is your opportunity to get smarter about your customers by utilizing data appending to fill data gaps and email hygiene to ensure email address deliverability while the seasons are on hold. 

 These best practices have helped our clients remain in contact with valuable fans and donors.

 A win-win for your team.

 Best Practices 

  • Prepare your CRM Marketing Strategies for the new season:  Sports and entertainment organizations have aging data in their databases. When you send welcome back campaigns to incorrect and outdated customer and prospect email data, it results in inboxing and deliverability issues.  You may also see a drop in your sender reputation and be put on a blocklist if you’re not conducting regular data health maintenance checks.

It's incredibly crucial and always a best practice to manage your email data and flag any deliverability threats with email hygiene. It is equally as critical to fill data gaps with additional insight about your fans or donors with a data append solution to segment your email lists more effectively and drive campaign performance.

  • Cleanse Ticket Sales Data: Ticket sales and distribution providers send ticket buyer data without knowing if the data entered is accurate. Think about how often your customers misspell their names or emails when filling out a form to purchase tickets. According to DQ Global, "typos and spelling mistakes make up to 58% of data inaccuracy issues."

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These typos could be an email address that is a spam trap, bot, phishing email, or other malicious email types. You must conduct regular email hygiene checks to ensure that the ticket buyer is a legitimate purchaser.  

  • Avoid Inaccurate New Fan Acquisition Data: In most stadiums, and arenas, most teams have a fan-first mentality that offers "Free Wifi." The problem with allowing fans to sign up for free wifi is the amount of bad data entered due to customers not wanting to give you their information, but rather made-up names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers on the fly.

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We also find that stadiums and arenas struggle to compile accurate data when acquiring new customers with new promotions, sweepstakes, and contests on websites.  

Most entertainment and sporting teams are guilty of not checking data quality and adding customer information straight to their CRM system.

 To avoid this, apply Webbula Lead Validation to protect your web forms and wifi sign-ups by validating the information entered through our real-time API. Our easily-integrated and super-fast API ensures you only gather valid names, email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses at the point of capture. 

You can also schedule batch files as often as you'd like and submit email addresses to us in bulk for verification and threat detection services. 

Webbula Lead Validation will help decrease fraudulent or inaccurate data submitted into your forms, safeguard deliverability and sender reputation, improve campaign ROI, and create a better customer experience. 

Both offense and defense are essential. However, we know that defense is emphasized in every practice. Contact us today, and we'll show you how other sports teams & entertainment venues are working with us to improve email cleansing and enhancement best practices. 

 And the crowd cheers DEFENSE. DEFENSE. DEFENSE.


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