Ask the Experts: If you could only use two email metrics, which two would you use?



For 2021, Webbula launched a video series where we sit down with email industry experts to discuss various topics within the email marketing world. 

Each month, Webbula introduces a new lineup of email experts with a new topic. Thank you to every email expert who participated in this video series and provided advice to other email marketers. 


1) Read Rate: Read rate is the most underrated metric in email.

2) Click-to-open rate: CTOR tells you more than just opens and clicks. It goes deeper into email engagement.

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Samantha Iodice

Founder + Chief Geek, The Sauce Experience




1) Engagement score: The engagement score is similar to a lead score. As a marketer, you can control what you want in terms of engagement. 

2) Link level reporting: Link level reporting allows you to track links in the email by categorizing them.

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Andrew Kordek

VP of Customer Engagement, iPost


1) ROI (Return on Investment): You need to be able to understand what your ROI is on what you're doing.

2) Click-Through Rate: The open is nice, but if people aren't clicking on your emails and aren't engaging, what is the point?

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Gavin Laugenie

Head of Strategy & Insights, Dotdigital




Revenue: There is only one metric at the end of the day. KPIs are narcissistic. For me, being in sales, it's all about the revenue. 

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Randy Levy

Chief Revenue Officer, Zembula 




1) Clicks: Opens are now useless. Clicks are still an indicator that people are doing something. 

2) Inbox placement: Inbox placement helps you understand your email program and the health of your list.

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Chris Marriott

President & Founder, Email Connect LLC.




Conversion Metrics: What your objectives are, is what your key metrics will be. It will be different based on the sector, B2B or B2C. Focus on conversion metrics rather than the easy-to-access metrics such as opens and clicks. For eCommerce, focus on conversion rate and customer lifetime value. 

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Kath Pay 

Founder & CEO Holistic Email Marketing



We often see marketers try to use metrics in ways they weren't intended. Or they see insights in metrics that don't exist.

1) Return on investment: Knowing if a project or email program is generating a positive ROI is very important for business justification.

2) Subscriber lifetime value: We are not in the business of managing campaigns. We are in the business of managing subscribers. 

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Chad S. White

Head of Research, Oracle Marketing Consulting




Focus on action is important.

1) Click-Rate: It's a strong indicator someone is engaging with your content. 

2) Conversion Rates: You want conversion. You want to drive the sale or lead form. 

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Tom Wozniak

Executive Director of Marketing, Optizmo



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