How Webbula Super Charges Segmentation and Personalization in Email Marketing


In this article, we will discuss how Webbula can provide you the data to better segment and personalize for your email marketing efforts through our data enhancement solution. Understanding the difference between segmentation and personalization can be tricky, so let’s do a quick overview before we get started.

What is Segmentation

Segmentation is mainly about groups. Marketers break down target audiences into smaller groups of people who are made up of similar characteristics. Segmentation allows marketers to perform one-on-one marketing or conducting hyper-personalization for each person. If you group people together, it makes the process more manageable.

What is Content Personalization

Personalization is when you tailor your messages by the experiences based on consumers previous behaviors. The reason why brands use content personalization is to make more helpful and relevant messaging to improve the customer experience.

How They Are Used to Better the Customer Experience

Think about how many emails you receive a day? Do you really read all of them? Probably not, unless a subject line catches your eye. People get pounded with emails and ads on a daily basis, which means it's becoming harder and harder to get your customers to open your emails.

Today, customers expect brands to customize messages to meet their needs. The reason for that? It's all about people-based marketing, and customers are empowered. They have a lot of knowledge and have many brands competing to get their final decision and money from their wallet. If you’re not personalizing your content to the customer they will easily move on to a brand that does. So make sure you are personalizing.

When doing so you have the advantage to boost brand loyalty and give customers what they want which is more customizable relevant content at their fingertips. Not to mention if you have third-party data, you can better segment your lists which then allows you to send better content.

According to spark post, “segmentation and personalization reign as top marketing challenges”. This doesn’t have to be an issue, Webbula has more than enough data to satisfy the most hungry campaigns. So let’s get started.

Personalize and Segment with Webbula’s Data

A Data Solutions Provider like Webbula can help you personalize the content experience, and fill in the missing pieces of your customer data through our third-party data. With Webbula data you will truly understand who your customers are, and their interests to better personalize and segment for your next email campaigns.

How so? Well, you can refresh and expand upon existing audiences by gender, address, demographics, automotive, b2b, political, financial, interest/lifestyle data and more. With this data, you can take a deeper look into each category to build an audience that goes beyond demographics and delivers relevant messaging based on actual hobbies, online behaviors, donations, politics, income, education and much more.

How can you use our data to better target your customers?

  • Fill in the gaps of your first-party data
  • Broaden your Audience
  • Discover new audiences

Webbula’s Data Enhancement solution is the industry-leading service that includes more than 87% of all Americans constantly updated, email hygiene rated, and pulled from over 100+ sources. All of our data is self-reported, deterministic and individually linked.

So what are you waiting for? Webbula’s Data Enhancement solution will surely bring your campaign to life! Over 1,200 brands, from non-profits to Fortune 100 companies, rely on Webbula Data Intelligence.

Download our full Taxonomy to see how our data can help you develop new campaign revenues.

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