How To Validate Multiple Email Addresses (the Right Way)


You’ve asked the question, “How to validate multiple email addresses.” The real question is, is that the right question? 

Chances are you’re searching for a service to tell you if the emails in your list are active and deliverable. Validation will do that. What it won’t do is protect you from the deliverable, yet still dangerous emails in your email list. 

For that, you need something different. You need Email Hygiene.

So - the question you should be asking is, what’s the difference between Email Hygiene and email validation?

The difference between email validation, verification, and Email Hygiene 

Email Verification: Email verification is a real-time server ping verifying that the email ID exists, is active, and accepts email. 

Verification detects email addresses that are:

  • Valid
  • Invalid 
  • Unknown

Email Validation: Email validation uses a third-party data source to confirm valid email addresses. At Webbula, we use our dataVault, which is constantly updated, to validate verified emails against and ensure they are still active. This sets our validation service apart from competitors who use cached historical data. 

The challenge with cached data is that it gets older and more inaccurate with every moment, hour, and day that passes. Because our dataVault is constantly being updated and refreshed, our email validation results are more accurate than our competitors. 

Validation confirms that email addresses are:

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Unknown

Neither email verification nor email validation goes beyond determining any more than that. Many serious threats, like bots, disposable domains, and blocklisted emails, will pass verification and validation because they are active emails. 

Email Hygiene: Webbula’s Email Hygiene takes validation and verification a step further, determining which email addresses pose a threat to your deliverability and sender reputation. Not only that, Email Hygiene ranks those threats based on risk severity. 

How to properly manage the deliverability of your email list

The takeaway from the above is that you need more than just run-of-the-mill email verification and validation if you’re going to properly manage your email list's deliverability. Choosing the right tool is crucial. 

  • Find a service that bundles email verification and Email Hygiene for the best results.

With Webbula, you’ll have access to these services bundled together. Once your email list is run, we’ll provide you with an Email Intelligence Report. This Intelligence Report will give you a deliverability health analysis on your email list. 

  • Choose a tool that allows you maximum flexibility, no matter the data set or the problem you’re looking to solve. 

Login with Webbula’s online portal and upload your list or upload your list by using a secure FTP connection. Whichever you choose, you’ll be met with white-glove customer service. 


Create a routine email list management process

After choosing the right tool, your marketing team will need to incorporate ongoing email list deliverability management practices into their email marketing processes. 

Our Data Solutions Experts don’t recommend waiting longer than six months to run verification, validation, and hygiene on your email database. For best results, you should run Email Hygiene on your contact database every 2-3 months.

Why choose Webbula Email Hygiene? 

Email Hygiene will positively impact your deliverability.   You check the deliverability of the creative part of your email content. Why wouldn’t you check the deliverability of your email list?

We know you’re doing all the right things. You’ve got double opt-in and ReCaptcha on your forms. You’re using a consent-based email communications process. Just like good people can still get caught in tough situations, bad email addresses can still end up on your email lists and databases, impacting deliverability and potentially harming your sender reputation. 

Webbula is here to help. Get a free Email Hygiene test on a portion of your email list today. 

Melissa McGaughey, Director of Marketing at Webbula 

Melissa McGaughey is an SEO Strategist and Inbound Content Marketer with a decade of experience in B2B spaces, including retail, restaurant, manufacturing, and payments. With a background in Agile Scrum methodology, developing processes and systems to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and drive ROI is her jam. 

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