How to Drive Sales with Non-Traditional Advertising Data


There’s an old saying: If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. When you repeatedly market to the same list and the same demographics, your sales will likely stay flat. To reach more customers, grow your market share, and increase sales, you should expand your audience. If you think you’ve already found everyone in your target market, it’s time to consider non-traditional audiences. It’s time to get creative and think outside the box.

Find 40% more prospects

Here’s a great example: Google discovered that 40 percent of baby product purchasers live in households with no children. These individuals have an intent to purchase that’s not based on demographics. Maybe they are shopping for a baby shower gift, for example. Maybe they’re a new grandparent ready to spoil the wee one with heaps of clothes and toys. (This is definitely someone you want on your list!) Whatever the reason, these individuals represent huge potential for baby-related marketers.

If you sell baby items, it’s an obvious choice to go after households with children or those who frequently purchase baby items. You’d hit on a lot of potential with this list, but you would also miss out on all the customers above. So how do you find the prospects with intent to purchase who might not have children in the home?

Create a strategic audience

As a data provider, Webbula doesn’t actually have a category called “households without children that intend to purchase baby products.” (Frankly, we’d be interested if you know someone who does.) The way to identify a new potential goldmine of prospects is to create a strategic audience by first looking at available purchase history and behavioral data. From there, a baby-related marketer can create and test campaigns using demographics of households without children. Measuring campaign results will reveal correlations between the demographics and the behavioral data that can be used for future ads and emails.

How to get started

Brands need to be prepared on mobile and across channels to deliver relevant advertisements and experiences to nontraditional audiences. If you’re not prepared, you are missing your opportunity—and up to 70 percent of your potential market, according to Google.

Challenge yourself to examine your demographics and audience interests so you can deliver relevant marketing. A little outside-the-box thinking can help you capture prospects “in the moment” in their decision and purchase journey. Need more data? Take a look at Webbula’s Taxonomy to explore new audiences (and unlimited sales potential).

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