Ask the Experts: Do you have a specific campaign/project you worked on that is most memorable to you?


In 2021, Webbula launched a video series where we sat down with email industry experts to discuss various topics within the email marketing world. Each month, Webbula introduces a new lineup of email experts with a new topic.

Follow along in 2022, for 12 new questions and a new lineup of email experts. Thank you to every email expert who participated in this video series and provided advice to other email marketers. 



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Shmuel Herschberg

CMO, Shyn Media


When I think about email marketing, I'm a big believer in the communication side of things. I'm always thinking of the bigger picture and smaller pictures.

So bigger picture, I want to send out as many emails as possible but make them relevant. Smaller picture, I want to know how I can speak one-to-one? How can I speak to you?

We do that by dynamic content. I think the biggest successes and most memorable moments in my email marketing career have been when you laced some real sweet dynamic content into the email, so much so that you're mass producing on the one hand. Still, on the other hand, you're also having like one to one communication.







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Guilda Hilaire

Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce


My most memorable campaign to date, hands down, is the campaign I did for the Olympics. I used to work for Johnson and Johnson and volunteered to build an email campaign to help drive customers to the Olympic trials and the track and field trials for Johnson and Johnson. I took files from the creative team of the agency that was working on it, and these were files that they wanted to use for the website. I took the files, used Photoshop and Dream Weave, and built this animated gif to help drive awareness of this booth that we were having for customers and families to come in and experience this virtual Olympic setup that Johnson and Johnson had.

The IOC, the International Olympic Committee, loved my design and shared it with some other sponsors as the best-in-class design. They would love to get people excited about coming to the Olympic trials and the track and field trials.

So to this day, that has been the most memorable and the best experience for me ever.




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Jeanne Jennings

Founder, Email Optimization Shop; GM, Only Influencers; Chair, Email Innovations Summit



That's funny because my most memorable things are the things I'm working on or just finished. I think one thing you need to do as a consultant, and as a good consultant, is fall in love with whatever project you're working on, and I definitely do that.

I just did a project for a nonprofit, and they had this newsletter from the CEO that was long, hairy, and full of all sorts of stuff. Doing the analysis, working with them, and understanding their segments, we can make a recommendation to blow it out so that there's original email in four others because there's just too much content.

So things like that I jam on, and that's frame memorable because that will help that organization communicate with their members better, which is important these days.

Regarding revenue, the holiday campaign I did in 2020 for my B2B client is one of my most memorable. I love making money for my clients, so we were able to generate a 64% increase in year-over-year revenue with that campaign, which is quite something, especially in the midst of a pandemic, which they were very concerned about.

One last memorable one was my first big consulting project. The client was Hasbro, and I did a two-year stint doing almost all of their email marketing, and we worked on things from Pokemon to My Little Pony, to Monopoly, to a game called Battle Ball, which I don't think exists anymore, but was fun. That was empowering and was my first big client where I had my own creative team. We were able to do so much fun stuff, so much A/B split testing, and learn that it was a mile and a minute and 60 or 70 hours a week. And I loved it.




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Lisa S. Jones

Chief EyeMail Officer, EyeMail Inc. 


Considering that my journey and email started in 2004, I've seen a lot of different scenarios in the journey of campaigns. Two that stand out to me in EyeMails journey would be that we launched a campaign this year for Microsoft for the pre-launch of windows 11. We were excited about this campaign because it reached 30 million recipients.

The idea that EyeMail was a part of this historic launch with a video of our product EyeMail that included the video aspects of that is memorable for us. I would also say a campaign we worked on simultaneously, and we onboarded Harvard as a client. The reason that's so memorable, memorable for our company and for me is that I'm currently enrolled at Harvard Business School, and the idea of being a student and also a woman-owned supplier for Harvard University is memorable. We've launched multiple campaigns for them, and it's noteworthy because we're able to provide impact and to create value with the goal of engagement. It makes me emotional because we all look for validation and make a connection, and contribute value. I am just full of gratitude as the CEO and founder of the company that we're able to create this value for all of these brands.

Those are our two most memorable, Microsoft and Harvard University.





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Jenna Tiffany 

Founder & Strategy Director, Let's Talk Strategy 


I think the most memorable campaign, and not a campaign, more like a project that I've worked on and that my agency's worked on is the "All Things Email" newsletter. That newsletter came out of the passion of myself and email marketer Ben, who works with me at Let's Talk Strategy, of us thinking, do you know what, there's not this weekly newsletter talking about email, and we're email geeks. We wanted to receive it. 


What's the latest news? 

What's happening? 

What are the latest guides? 


There's just so much content that gets produced that started from literally nothing. Now that we have over 700 subscribers, we have people talking about it all the time. We've nearly sold all of our sponsorship slots for 2022. So it's been a huge passionate project, but one that shows that you can create something valuable if you have the right niche and the right content. It was a good project for us to learn from and further develop our skills as email marketers. So I think that's one that I'm incredibly proud of and just grateful for Ben's helping support and ideas with that as well to make it happen.





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Anne Tomlin

Founder/Responsive HTML Email Developer, Emails Y'All


The most memorable campaign that I worked on was the very first campaign that I did as a freelancer, and that was for Snap Kitchen. Snap Kitchen is a great little place. It's not little anymore; it's huge now and in many states. It started in Austin, and they have meal kits, and their whole thing is about nutritional food.

When they hired me, they were getting into the meal kit kind of business of providing weekly food. They had like six different types of meal plans that you could get on. This was my first thing, I had just been at agencies and was given a mockup, and all I had to do was just HTML and CSS.

Well, this [opportunity] I had to learn, the scripting language of the ESP, I had to learn like all that personalization and other things. So the personalization was like the background colors would change depending on what color meal plan you were on. It had to tell you where you could pick it up and the dates that they would be released. It was complicated, but it came out so beautifully, and they're still using it today. That was at least four or five years ago, meaning it must have served the purpose they need, which, you know, makes Lauren and fuzzies.






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Matthew  Vernhout

VP of Deliverability, Netcore Cloud


Probably one that sticks out in my head being that it's an old one, and it's been around a long time. We worked with a very large mailbox provider in the United States, they were a customer of ours, a brand new customer, and they needed to send an announcement to their entire client base. At the time, it was the biggest campaign we'd ever sent at one time it was around 250 million emails. I guess you always remember the biggest one that you always started with, and that was probably close to 15, 16, maybe a few more years than that. I am dating myself in the email industry here.

I think that's one that sticks out because it was a matter of how you get that much mail at the door? It's all going to one place because they're sending to themselves as a provider. How do you work with their technology teams to make sure the transition is as fluid as possible? But at the same time, you're also dealing with customers who think the messages were phishing and fraudulent. So you have this continuous feedback of people opening, clicking, reporting the mail as spam, reporting it as phishing. It taught me a lot in that one specific campaign that I think helped shape some of the relationships and techniques I've used over the years and refined as I've gone.

So that's probably one of the biggest, and I'm sure there are a hundred other examples I could drum up over the years.



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