3 Benefits of a Bulk Email Validation Service

Bulk Email Validation Service

What is Bulk Email Validation? 

A bulk email validation service is a real-time server ping that verifies that a number of recipient account mailboxes exist, are currently active, and are accepting email. 

Essentially, this process confirms whether or not the inbox account is active. To improve your inbox placement rate, you need to use an email validation service.

Why do you need bulk email validation?

Say you’ve moved into a new role or started at a new company and you've inherited an existing email list. Or, perhaps you're in a role you've held for a while, but your company has just never taken email list health seriously.

Before you send emails or get into email marketing messaging and email list segmentation, it’s best to start with a data health analysis on your list of email addresses. You have no idea where or how this data was collected, if it was purchased, or the last time it was cleaned.

Email marketing is considered to be the easiest and most profitable way to reach out directly to your customers and prospects. However, if you’re not producing a good quality email list, you’ll see a drop in deliverability, open rates, and your sender reputation.

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What are the Benefits of Bulk Email Validation? 


1. Improve Deliverability and Open Rates

Many email marketers struggle not only with low open rates, but also with low click-through and email deliverability rates. According to Hubspot, the average open rate across all industries is 32%.

Out of the 28 industries, marketing and advertising companies have the lowest email open rates (25%).

Email deliverability can make or break an email marketing program, especially since email is still the number one marketing channel.

With a bulk email verification service, you will eliminate email bounces, verify your data, stay relevant, and maintain consistency with your brand. If you do these things, you stand a much better chance of not only being delivered to the right people, but also of seeing your email engagement activity skyrocket!

2. Improve Sender Reputation

If you’re sending to a list that hasn’t been through an email cleansing service, you are asking for sender reputation trouble.

If you’re sending to invalid email addresses, your IP address or domain will get dinged, damaging your sender reputation, and possibly locking you into a blocklist. 

If you’re hitting problem accounts such as spam traps, honeypots, seeded trackers, moles, and more, then you need a stronger solution, email hygiene.

Email hygiene takes cleansing to a whole new level. If you want to be sure your sender reputation is protected, you need to use both email verification and hygiene.


3. Return on Investment 

Every month about 3% of your customer data becomes obsolete due to changing conditions, people move, change jobs, get married or pass away. 

Whatever the reason, marketers always need to stay on top of cleaning email lists with real-time email verification and hygiene to keep data updated and accurate. 

A bulk email validation service will improve your email list health, keep you off blocklists, increase deliverability and open rates. It will allow you to focus on what really matters; your message and your audience.

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