Advice from the Email Experts for Bronto Customers


Now that Bronto is closing its doors, its users are left with just over 12 months to move to a new platform. This isn’t a lot of time for companies with years of planned processes and complicated integrations, and no idea where to even begin. To help shed some light on this situation, we’ve gathered a few email experts to provide tips on making this transition to a new platform easier for Bronto users.



Rachel Bergman,

Chief Revenue Officer, Cordial

From migrating over 40 clients from Bronto over the years we can tell you not to worry! Your data is likely in a very simple format, and ESPs will be able to easily ingest it and make it actionable. The best news is that you have the opportunity to move to a more "modern" platform that will allow you to use real-time data and build triggers, cross-channel campaigns, etc. that would have been almost impossible on a legacy platform. Just leave yourself plenty of time, and know that there are plenty of experts who want to help!

Cordial is offering a free, 60-day migration package for current Bronto clients that come to us through OI. Cordial has migrated over 40 clients from Bronto to the Cordial platform with great success. Contact us to learn more, schedule a demo, and set your mind at ease!



Jeanne Jennings,

Founder Email Optimization Shop, General Manager Only Influencers 

It’s a bummer right? You’re a happy Bronto customer, everything’s going well, and then boom! You’ve got to find another send solution.

My advice to Bronto customers: be very careful in picking the platform that you move to. Be sure it’s a good fit. Migrating to a new send platform is a lot of work – you don’t want to move off Bronto and then have to move again in a year or two.

Shameless plug! Only Influencers is hosting a webinar called ‘I’m a Bronto Customer! What do I do now?!’ on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm ET. We will have a current Bronto customer, Donnell Lankford with Positive Promotions, there to ask the questions that Bronto customers have. And we’ll have Chris Marriott, with Email Connect, there to answer them. Chris is one of the smartest people I know when it comes to the ESP landscape. We’ll also have resources to help Bronto customers make a smart choice. And we’ll have ample Q&A time for attendees to surface their own questions and concerns. All are welcome. Register here.



Gavin Laugenie,

Head of Strategy & Insights, dotdigital

Having worked in the email marketing ecosystem for some 16 years, I have seen many things change (WYSIWYG editors, anyone?). Glad they're a thing of the past. I've also seen plenty of ESPs come and go. I know it's not easy for marketers to switch providers in the best of times, but the added layer of stress, when forced to, makes the project even more daunting. But when one door closes, another opens. The opportunity for anyone still using Bronto is a big one, for those not content to be migrated at the will of Oracle: to shop around and look for a service that isn't just on par but an upgrade, integrating with the necessary technology to drive your marketing forward.

No matter your industry or sector, I think we can all agree that the customer should be at the core of everything you do. Everyone benefits if you can achieve that. I've been at dotdigital for almost 12 years, and the main reason I'm still here is that we strive to keep the customer at the core of everything we do and grow with our clients. That vision hasn't changed because we understand what matters: having a platform intuitive enough to allow you to get the job done quickly. No matter how big your marketing team is, we all get stretched, so getting set up quickly is necessary. That intuitive platform has evolved over 22 years by a passionate development team and will continue to for many more. The tech, however, is only one part of the equation. To continue to grow, you need a partner that is as invested in your growth as their own and is there not just to keep you on track but work with you every step of the way. We have nothing to hide, so we're offering three months free, including onboarding and training services, when you choose dotdigital.

 We also have a case study from a client who migrated to us from Bronto during the lockdown and couldn't be any happier. Further information on what dotdigital can offer here.



Chris Marriott,

President & Founder, Email Connect LLC. 

14 months is going to go by in the blink of an eye.  If you are on Bronto, you need to develop a game plan right now.  Because if that plan includes an RFP and a migration, these things always take longer than you think they are going to take.  And if you're not migrated and up and running on a new platform before May, 2022 you're potentially looking at a period of time where you won't be able to send email.  So you need to start your vendor selection process today.  Of course, if your plan is to migrate to Oracle / Responsys, the pressure to act right now is less.  But there's no time like the present to start those discussions with your Oracle team, because I predict a growing logjam of brands trying to accomplish that migration the closer it gets to May, 2022.



Melissa McGaughey,

Director of Marketing, Webbula 

Bad data is costly. Cleaner data now means more return on investment later. Of course, you shouldn’t include hard bounces, spam, or opt-outs in your migration. However, you’ll need to do a bit more legwork to ensure that the data you’re migrating is as clean as possible. A good place to start is by leveraging an email verification and hygiene tool to determine the deliverability of the addresses in your database. Deliverability is determined based on the likelihood that the email will reach the recipient. Addresses that are role-based, free, or undeliverable are risky and will muddy your results, decreasing the ROI of any future campaigns. Remove them now and your bottom line will thank you later.

Migrating is complicated. Why complicate it further migrating outdated, dirty, or incomplete data?  Contact us at and when you speak to a Webbula representative mention you’re a Bronto user for special pricing for email hygiene, verification, and data enrichment.



Emily McGuire,

Owner, Flourish & Grit

An email service provider migration is ALWAYS a big project. Depending on how much data you're managing and how much customization needs to happen for your unique business, it can take anywhere from 2-6 months to make a full migration. That's a long time with a lot of tasks to check off and different stakeholders to manage. 

On top of that, you have to keep your email program bringing in the big bucks. Where does that leave you time to not just maintain your current program but also innovate? It doesn't. 

I'd start looking at a couple of things to make your life 100x easier. 

  1. If you're not already, start the conversation with your dev team. If they're like most dev/IT departments, they probably have a work pipeline that gets planned out months in advance. They'll need to reserve some space on their calendar for your project. Get as much buy-in now to make this project a priority when you're really down to crunch time. 

  2. Consider supplementing your team with some extra help while you're going through the migration. Extra help could look like hiring a consultant and/or freelancer to manage the migration process for you, keep your email program moving and innovating, or just building and managing your campaigns. Depending on your internal resources, the type of help you'll need will differ. If you need help getting the budget approved, always position it as a temporary solution to keep your email program generating revenue while you manage the migration.



Samar Owais,

Email Strategist for SaaS and eCommerce

Start evaluating your ESP options NOW. Once you've got your top 3, get in touch with them and ask if they'll provide a white-glove service for you and migrate you over. Offer to pay if you need to or hire a specialist who does that for brands.
If you're DIYing, then once you choose a new ESP, move all your sign up forms, list building activities, etc to it. Then bring over your most engaged segment, first. For a while, it'll mean more work because you may be sending emails to different segments through two different ESPs but it'll make the process a lot smoother by the time May comes around.

Finally, find out what goes into migrating. Make a to-do list and then divide it into phases so at no point are you rushed or under the gun to meet a deadline.


Kath Pay,

Founder & CEO, Holistic Marketing 

We recommend that you do an audit of your existing email program, and then create, or refer to your existing strategy and identify what strategies and tactics you have planned for the future. This will then provide you with the basis of what your current, and upcoming needs are. The next step is to complete an RFP, which details your objectives and your needs for functionality to bring your strategy to life and help you to achieve your objectives.
The more information you have here and the more in-depth knowledge you will have about your needs,  the more likely you will select a suitable vendor. The key in choosing a vendor, is for it not to be vendor-led, but rather your needs-led. For this reason, when having the tools demonstrated to you, ask them for your future account manager to be there - he will hold the sales-team accountable, which will prevent them from overselling (and under-delivering) to you.
For some great tips and tricks on selecting a new vendor, we recommend you watch on-demand, a recent Email & More episode "Vendor Selection for CRM Tools".



Ryan Phelan,

Co-Founder, RPE Origin

Platform migrations, under the best of conditions are stressful!  Yet when you add on a hard end date that’s a little over a year away?  That can be terrifying.  Time is of the essence and many companies may have extensive integrations, automations, and processes to pivot.

What many companies may not fully be aware of is that they have options.  Oracle Marketing Cloud is a great platform, but it’s not for everyone or every company. 

Having collectively worked on over 500 RFP’s and migrations over the years is why we started the partnership of  We know how unstable something like this can make business operations and we’re here to mitigate the risk and provide some security for your decision.

We’ll bring the full resources of three companies so that you can maximize your options and make the right determination and if needed, move to another platform.



Jordie van Rijn,

Email Marketing Consultant, emailMonday

Relax, take a deep breath. I have been guiding these types of selections for over 10 years and I’ll share one of my 5 Foundations of Vendor Selection with you.

Imagine being asked to salvage a selection project. The team was already going at it for a while and it just turned into a headache for everyone. Manager recognized it wasn’t working. (Shouldn’t we take a step back?). Project leader spent too much time already, just seemed tired.

I’d realize something, that later helped me a lot in all following selections. They are in the same room. But it looked like they are working on very different projects.

Here is a tip from my Bronto selection mini-masterclass. On how beginning with great sounding mission, will lead you to trouble, and a much better alternative.
Also a quick acid-test to see if you are actually doing it right.


Building on it… Start with the right Mission, similar to what I say in the video. And communicate it early and always to your team and stakeholders. Every chance you have, every meeting, in requirements, intake doc, scoring, when talking to vendors, etc. This will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Do that and your Selection Mission, should you choose to accept it, won’t be Impossible.

Jordie van Rijn is email marketing and eCRM consultant, has been guiding vendor selections for over 10 years.



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