7 Email and Data Tips Organizations Should Focus on in 2021



Say goodbye to 2020, and let’s move forward to 2021. We asked a few members of the Webbula team to give some email and data advice for organizations to focus on in 2021. 

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Vince Cersosimo, CEO 

With cookies sunsetting by the end of 2021, it’s never been more important to collect and maintain an email address tied to an individual. Identity has never been more crucial, and having the ability to stand alone with your own linkages is a must to remain cookie/mobile ID independent. 

Data Quality and Hygiene is equally as important. Having an outdated or inaccurate linkage not only leads to a confusing message for the intended recipient but damages your brand reputation along the way.








Douglas Egeth, COO 

OTT / CTV is going to be the winner of eyeballs officially in 2021. 3 Super stats from a survey by The Trade Desk:

  • 27 percent of cable subscribers plan to cut the cord in 2021 - almost twice as many as in 2020.
  • For the first time ever, advertisers can reach more households through Connected TV than traditional linear TV.
  • Connected TV ad spend surged 17 percent in 2020, despite ad spend in general dropping 14 percent.

My advice is, if you aren’t thinking OTT/CTV you will be missing the majority of TV eyeballs starting somewhere in 2021. So get on it.



Chuck Davis, CRO

Accelerate rapid digital commerce growth by tapping into and leveraging the thought leaders within your current Marketing Technology Vendors. They should share with you “virtual high-5-able” ideas that are working with other Traditional Retailers, Direct-To-Consumer Brands, Not-For-Profits, Automotive OEMs including their nationwide Dealership Channels.  

Stack rank your priorities and focus on and invest in maximizing the value of your Gold Nuggets (aka. a good, deliverable customer / prospect email address).  Stop wasting your money and time with Email Verification Vendors. It is important to remember that an email’s existence (Verification) is drastically different from an email’s behavior (Hygiene).  Often individuals conduct actions within their email inbox or online that have unbeknownst to them repercussions to marketers.  It is real people that click the spam button, delete emails without opening them, and use systems that report unwanted messages to reputation harming agencies.  It is the person's actions within the email ecosystem that would cause their address to be attributed a risk level. It is not personal and the risk to marketers exists whether you know the individual or not. Applying Email Hygiene + Verification is today’s Best Practice.


Talk to our MarTech & Data Quality thought leaders and get educated on how we identify  these 3 email types:

  1. nastiest, sender reputation threat emails (bots, traps, and many other malicious email types) via an Email Hygiene process
  2. existence/non-existence of an inbox via an Email Verification process
  3. ‘Best’ emails, those connected to a social media account indicating the email may more likely be opened on a mobile device and may be the consumer's primary email address.

Don’t wait til 2022 to make the call - “Talk to Chuck” or anyone else at Webbula or within the email MarTech Ecosystem about Data Quality with Webbula.  Based on what hundreds of other clients have told us, I can anticipate you saying “Ah-Ha, I finally understand why your customers are so satisfied with Email Data Quality.  You offer Email Verification plus Email Hygiene and so much more value for the same price.”



David Lewis, VP of Sales

  1.  Personalization.  If you've read any blog over the last 8 years or so, you've read that personalization of subject lines, messaging, content, and calls to action are key.  Given the perpetual increase of electronic engagement over the last several years and the current world of COVID, recipients demand touch points that connect with them in a relevant way- or your message may quickly find it's way to the Junk box.  Ergo, accurate and relevant intel about your prospects has never been more important.
  2. Keep in touch with Current Customers.  Revenue growth over the last year has been difficult as budgets tighten and company's goals change.  Keeping in contact with your current Customer base keeps them engaged and helps you understand where to be agile to meet their needs and retain their business.  We're all in this together.  Helping each other through this gleans loyalty...  And, it's just the right thing to do. 
  3. Rethink your KPIs.  Neither should you fall into the trap of using 2020's happenings as an excuse to lower your expectations nor should you rely on previous years' KPIs as a plug-and-play default to set your goals for the new year.  How we engage with folks has been forever changed.  Think of new, innovative ways to leverage your email efforts- set realistic targets- crush 'em.



Tim Hartley, Business Development Executive

Email marketing is going to continue to increase, so my advice is to continue with email, and include video to step up engagement.

Coming off a year where everyone had to rely on the digital world it has become the new normal. Everyone adapted and it's not over yet. Companies are going to continue to see an increase of people doing their shopping online. Whether it's retail, food, or buying a home. My prediction is that as the vaccine becomes more readily available this will open up people who will want to travel more, eat out, spend time with friends and family in social gatherings more. All this means an increase in demand, increased demand means jobs will pick up, and spend will increase.

Millennials are known for buying experiences. An entire year plus was taken away from them to do that. It was taken from everyone, across the globe. Marketers should expect an increase in traffic. People will be searching for where they can travel to, buy clothes to show their friends. Email will need to be creative to engage customers. Video will most likely become more prevalent. People have been cooped up in their homes, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat all had advantages because it's how people could communicate quickly without Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, or other direct virtual chat rooms.

Marketers need to be prepared to engage customers as the world re-opens. Many brands, mom-n-pop shops, box stores, all will be offering discounts. Creating consistent content that is engaging and draws customers now not only to a website, but to send them somewhere is what people will looking for. People want to live again. Marketers need to be the brand that delivers. Communicating and engaging via email will help drive that message as people begin to emerge from the rock under which they crawled in March 2020.

Email will continue to drive discounts, drive messaging, but marketers need to take the TikTok, Reels, Snap aspect into consideration



Steve Wagner, Senior Marketing Manager

Digital transformation accelerated at a rapid pace last year due to the pandemic and many marketers were left scrambling to find more complete data about their customers and target audiences in order to make that digital marketing more effective. 2021 yields an opportunity for organizations to optimize those data health initiatives in order to personalize and segment their digital audiences.



Jenna Devinney, Marketing Specialist

2020 was filled with a lot of uncertainty as we were all left scrambling to rework original strategies. What didn't change was the breakthrough of video. We knew 2020 was going to be the year of more video even before the pandemic started. It just happened to be the icing on the cake because in-person conferences and events were happening through video.

Now that we have more video everywhere, I predict we email geeks will become more creative and incorporate it in our emails. My advice is to give the people what they want, put video in email. Find a solution for you to help incorporate more video, and don't forget to test and test again. 

Video can increase click rates by 65%. :)

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