5 Reasons Why Data Enhancement Software Boosts Your Marketing


Data quality plays a prominent role in the growth of any business. Businesses need organized, trustworthy, and up-to-date data to conduct effective marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for organizations to keep data in tip-top shape. 

There are many ways that bad data can enter your database, but the most common scenarios that require data enhancement software to iron out are:

Human Error: Humans are a big cause of the majority of data quality issues. Why? Humans aren’t perfect, we make mistakes every day. Whether we accidentally type the wrong email into a web form when signing up for a promo, or giving false information to receive a piece of content just to avoid the follow-up emails or phone calls. This is common, according to DQ Global, “typos and spelling mistakes make up to 58% of data accuracy issues.”

Systems Errors: If you’re using one or multiple platforms to manage your data then you’ll want to make sure the integrations between them are smooth.

When you’re changing or adding new platforms such as marketing automation platforms, CRM, or billing systems your data could get lost in transition, putting yourself at risk for poor data quality if not done correctly.

Life Events We Cannot Control: According to ZoomInfo, 30% of people change jobs annually, 43% of people’s phone numbers change annually, up to 20% of all postal addresses change every year, and 37% of email addresses change annually.

For example, Nancy used her work email address to sign up to receive your whitepaper six months ago. Since then, she got married, changed her name, moved across the country, and got a new job.

Does your database keep track of these changes? 

Whatever the reasoning is, the fact is marketers are always in need of updated and accurate customer contact information. They can either obtain this information by searching for sufficient data or purchase new data. These options can lead to time lost, money wasted, and no guarantee that the information you have purchased is real.  

Data Enhancement software is the best solution for marketers who need to fill in the missing or outdated information in their data lists. 

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Let’s Look At 5 Reasons Why Data Enhancement Software Helps Your Business

1.Target Specific Audiences 

Data is the lifeblood of all organizations; however, marketers struggle to provide personalized experiences for their customers. Collecting quality data is essential to enable confident targeting.

2. Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Customers are your number one focus. If you’re not collecting the appropriate data on your customers then your business will suffer. When you gather the right data, customers will be more apt to trust your brand.

3. Build a High-Quality Database

One of the major downfalls of disorganized data is the reduction of data quality which translates to time wasted and money lost. By implementing data enhancement software, you can ensure that you have a dependable database to rely on for your next campaigns.

4. Save Money & Reduce Waste

By maintaining high-quality data you will no longer have to struggle with the extra cost of fixing your bad data. According to Salesforce research, “The average B2B brand loses over 1 million dollars per year via email churn.”

5. Increased Profitability

Data enhancement software offers an opportunity to expand marketing efforts into additional channels, including SMS and ABM campaigns. Leveraging more channels increases your reach and, when done well, will translate into more sales.

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How Webbula’s Data Enhancement Software Gives You

Profitable Insights

When it comes to enhancing your existing data, there is no other option that compares to Webbula’s Data Enhancement software.

Every company has its ways of collecting data, but we have a proven multi-process method of capturing data and stitching it together to ensure the highest quality.

We can help you understand your customers, their interests, and cross-channel behaviors while adding missing information like email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments. 

Our data is self-reported, deterministic, and individually-linked, never modeled. The data is constantly updated and certified with our industry-leading Email Hygiene filters that ensure accuracy and mitigate potential fraud, creating a truth-set that is unparalleled.

If you’re ready to enhance your database, contact us to talk with us about we can help you grow your business.

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