The Best Email Marketing Webinars, Podcasts & Event Sessions of 2021

There have been so many great email marketing webinars, podcasts, and event sessions during 2021. We don’t want them to go unnoticed!

The past few weeks, we’ve asked you for the best webinars, podcasts, and event sessions you’ve attended this year. Here’s what you picked!


3rd Place


Email and More Kath Pay

Email & More with Kath Pay

Kath Pay and the team at Holistic Email Marketing put together a series of free online Q&A panels with a variety of top email experts from both the brand-side and vendor-side to provide insight on all things email marketing.

This free resource for email and CRM marketers on various topics of email marketing is available every two weeks. 

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • A/B Testing in Email Marketing
  • How to Enhance the Customer Experience
  • Copywriting & Storytelling
  • The Art & Science of Deliverability 
  • Designing for Conversions

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Holistic Live Kath Pay


Holistic Live! Connect with Kath Pay

In this webinar series, Kath Pay, and her guests cover all topics to do with eCRM & email marketing, marketing automation, email design, and more!

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • Getting Your Data to Deliver More
  • A/B Testing Your Way to Greater Email Success
  • Email & The Customer Experience - Unspoken Challenges 

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2nd Place


Only Influencers Webinar Series Jeanne Jennings


Only Influencers Webinar Series with Jeanne Jennings

Founder of Email Optimization Shop and GM of Only Influencers, Jeanne Jennings put together a fantastic lineup of webinars in 2021 that covered a wide variety of industry news,, including Bronto and Apple Mail Privacy Policy updates, as well as other important topics such as diversity, email metrics, email marketing careers, and more. 

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • Compliant Email Marketing: Increasing Your Marketable Database
  • Diversity in the Email Marketing Industry: Simple Things You Can Do, Plus 2021 Survey Launch
  • The Email Metrics Project 
  • 2021 Benchmark Report Highlights: Diversity in the Email Industry

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Future of Email Marketing Interviews with Matthew Dunn of Campaign Genius 

Matthew Dunn created this excellent email marketing podcast for marketers and product developers to share their expertise about the email marketing industry. 

Matthew is joined with different experts every episode and covers real-world stories, like business challenges, leadership, marketing, and the newest technologies in the email marketing industry. 

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • Email Marketing with Empathy with LeeAnn Marie Webster
  • Email Marketing in the Political Space
  • Diversity in the Email Industry with Email Optimization Shop’s Jeanne Jennings
  • Tactics Vs Strategy with Let's Talk Strategy’s Jenna Tiffany

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1st Place

For the Love of Emails Netcore

For the Love of Email Events and Podcasts by Netcore Cloud

The Love of Email Podcast created by Netcore helps B2B professionals grow and discover actionable ways to increase ROI, and deliver value across all channels. 

Gather insights into the real world of B2B marketing from top experts and dive into best practices and tactical solutions to master your email marketing.

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • Recovering from email mistakes and acing customer engagement: A Kinedu story.
  • Trends in data breaches and security over the years
  • From Bronto to the world’s most recommended email service
  • Email Authentication - Setting the facts straight
  • Segmentation, CRM, and subscriber communications
  • Discussing Spam Emails and blocklists in 2021

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email and coffee


Email and Coffee with Joi Brooks

Joi Brooks launched her own YouTube forum, Email, and Coffee, as an additional outlet for one of her favorite conversation starters: email marketing. 

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • Push, Apps, Web, and Email, How to use them with Naomi West
  • April Mullen visits Email and Coffee to discuss the newsletter, an evolution and revival, and jobs to be done framework
  • Dylan Kelley talks about SMS Marketing and how it impacts email marketing

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Honorable Mentions 


Chase dimond


Chase Dimond - The eCommerce Opportunity by Chase Dimond

Chase Dimond’s eCommerce opportunity provides a look inside what works in the eCommerce world and where the opportunities are now and in the future. 

Every episode Chase brings on new founders and marketers to provide their insights and opportunities for freelancers, agencies, and brands. 

Here are a few episode topics:

  • How to Solve 5 Problems That Ecommerce Brands Face
  • SMS Text Message Marketing Strategies
  • Email Marketing Strategies to Bring Customers Back After Black Friday
  • SMS and Email Marketing: Offering Email and SMS as a Service 

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deliverability defined


Deliverability Defined by Alyssa Dulin & Melissa Lambert

New episodes come out weekly that dive deep into topics about email deliverability, giving you the insight you need to reach the inbox of your subscribers. 

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • How to Prepare for the Holiday Season
  • Help, My Emails Are Landing in the Promotions Tab
  • What Metrics Should Senders Focus on?
  • How to Have the Perfect Signup Form
  • 10 Common Email Marketing Mistakes
  • How to Re-Engage Subscribers Without Damaging Your Deliverability 

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grow your shopify store


Wavebreak Podcast: eCommerce Leaders | Shopify Marketing

This marketing podcast was designed for high-growth DTC brands. The interviews feature individuals in the fast-growing direct-to-consumer and eCommerce brands who talk about eCommerce marketing. 

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • The Future of Ecommerce Marketing
  • Mastering Retail Without Any Prior Experience 
  • Holiday Marketing Q&A
  • The Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter From A $200M+ Revenue Brand with Alex Weinstein 

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email geeks drinking coffee

EmailGeeks at Home Drinking Coffee Podcast with Christopher Marriott of Email Connect and Paul Shriner of Audience Point 

This podcast series is hosted by email industry veterans Chris Marriott and Paul Shriner. Episode topics can range from email, family, work, and more. You’ll hear from top experts like Tim Watson, Lisa S. Jones, Ryan Phelan, Loren McDonald, Samantha Iodice, and much more. 

Here are a few episode topics: 

  • Founders Series: Chris Donald, Nelly, and Andrew Bonar, and more.
  • Lesson from a 10-Year Veteran of Working from Home
  • Special Report with Ryan Phelan
  • Vivek Sharma: Before the Ink Dries 

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