10 Sweet Tips to Help Spark Engagement in Your Email Campaigns

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Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays for the world of retail and it is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship between your brand and its customers and prospects. With the holiday comes lots of deals being offered to shoppers from many different retailers. Now is the time to show your email subscribers that you have the gifts they are looking for. 

As companies are well aware of the struggle to improve conversions, focusing on those top of the funnel metrics such as open rate and click-through rate can be leveraged to achieving campaign success. 

This post will give you a few reasons why users tend to leave messages unopened and give you a few tips to create influencing promotional emails your consumers just can’t ignore. 

Reasons Respondents Don’t Engage

There are a plethora of reasons why subscribers leave some emails without clicking and converting. Here are a few:

  • The emails are irrelevant
  • The individual receives too many
  • The individual did not opt-in 
  • They’ve already received the promotion that drove initial interest

In a crowded inbox, you are competing to stand out from the other emails the subscriber receives. Most will only open mail that they believe is worth their time or interest, so you want your brand to be one whose emails they always open.

Here are 10 tips that will help your email campaigns spark engagement this Valentine’s Day:

1. Link to product or hobby related blogs

People take in information in different ways, so rather than sending out another video, appeal to your audience by including links to products or hobby related blogs. Adding these extra twists to your emails you can make your content stand out compared to a normal campaign.

2. Send a discount and promotions email to loyal customers

Use this holiday to show some love to your dedicated customers!

Take the time to send your best customers an exclusive discount or deal opportunity to show that you appreciate their loyalty. If these customers are already purchasing from you regularly, sending an email like this will most likely get their attention and lead to another transaction. 

3. Send campaigns out at the right time

Unlike other holidays, most people do not start their Valentine’s Day shopping until a week or less before the date. This means lighter work for marketers as campaigns may be short, but it also gives less of a window for consumer purchasing.  

A trick you can try this year is to launch a pre-Valentine’s day sale or deal a week or a few days earlier than usual. This will give you a head start by appealing to the early birds, making you stand out from your competitors. Sending an email like this may also spark a reminder to customers that they need to start their holiday shopping, and it will be your brand that is on their mind when they think about shopping. Keep in mind with the effects of COVID, standard packing and shipping usually takes a week, so starting your email early is critical. 

4. Add important details in your transactional emails 

Valentine’s Day is a huge gift-giving holiday, so you want to make sure your customers are aware of all their options. Now would be the time to go all out on promotional messages, even in your order confirmations, shipping confirmations, etc. Transactional emails have the best open rates compared to any other type of email message, so including your important holiday sale messages will help ensure your customer sees them. 

Take advantage of the confirmation email to build a relationship with your customer base, and encourage them to come back for more. 

5. Craft subject lines

The subject line is the first thing the reader sees of your email and determines whether they will open the message. For retail holidays like Valentine’s Day, you can put your deal announcement right in the subject line or try using a fun saying for the occasion.

Although they are always important, subject lines are even more important during holiday and promotional times. A celebratory subject line for Valentine’s day may catch the attention of users better than a regular email, presuming there may be an online deal.

6. Shopping cart abandonment emails

Abandoned shopping cart emails have shown to have a higher engagement rate than other kinds of promotional messages. According to Webtrends, customers are actually likely to spend more money on a transaction after receiving an abandonment email than what they were originally going to purchase.  

Holiday shopping comes along with holiday shopping procrastinators. These shoppers will put off decisions and wait until the last minute to make a purchase. Many of them will fill up their carts and never make the purchase. This makes it the perfect time to send out abandonment emails to reinforce the idea that these shoppers want your products. 

7. Re-engage subscribers via deeper knowledge

Sometimes all the discounts and CTAs in the world are not enough to get the unengaged subscriber’s attention. Re-engagement campaigns can be significantly enhanced by appending demographic and other buying interest datasets. It is important that these messages are strategically personalized as they will strengthen your relationship and your data.

Use this deeper knowledge on your re-engagement emails to bring these customers back just in time for the holiday!

8. Segment Lists and Target Messages

One of the best ways to keep customers engaged is through segmentation and personalization, so utilizing personalization for holiday emails is important. 

When creating the email design, show sneak peeks of products that an individual would be interested in to catch their attention. Customers are also not always shopping for themselves, but for significant others or their children. An easy solution when showing product previews is to include links that say “for him” or “for her” to invite them in the right direction. 

Valentine’s Day celebrates romantic love, but many people are single or may want to purchase gifts for other people besides their significant others. “Galentine’s Day” is currently a popular trend where female friends provide gifts and celebrate the holiday together. 

9. Include Social Sharing Options 

Including social sharing links in your emails can be one of the most effortless ways to help holiday deals gain some traction. By allowing customers to share your ads on their platforms, you may reach your message to other followers that would otherwise never have seen it. Even if your subscribers may not be interested in your offers, it just takes one click of a send button for them to share with a friend who would make a purchase. Social sharing is just another way to make your customers feel welcomed and included in your brand community. 

10. Remove any distractions; Focus on CTA

The goal of any email campaign is to have the customer take an action on your message. The design and copy of the email need to reflect and be built around the goal. This can include strategically placing your CTA link where it is very visible and writing your copy to be persuasive to drive readers to click on it. A simple image or an extravagantly designed button will do, as long as the message is clear and easy to follow. 


Don’t miss your chance to make a connection with your customers this Valentine’s Day! 

The execution of email marketing design is crucial to the success of a campaign and getting your customers’ attention. To stay competitive understanding your audience will make or break this success. By applying these tips to your email program on this occasion, you may spark a lasting buyer-seller relationship.

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